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A Quick Guide To Cross Platform Development

by Innovimobile Administrator on August 21, 2018

Mobile apps have become an essential part of the global economy. It also has become a vital part for most businesses, whether they are large or small. You have iOS, Android, hybrid and native apps. Our quick reference guide should help you decide if you want to make a cross development app or not.


Controls Cost- The best way to save money is to develop the app across multiple platforms.

Quick Development Time- Because you are developing a app for multiple platforms, the time to create the app is much quicker.

Uniformed-  By having a consistent code your users will have a better experience.


Different designs- Android and iOS have very different design specifications. This means you need to spend some time making sure your UI will work on both.

Rough Transfer- The code languages that are used to create apps on different platforms normally don’t directly transfer from one another.

Keep in mind it will take time to alter the apps to take advantage of the different options.

There are many options to overcome these challenges. There are many IDE (Integrated Development Environment) programs that can both create iOS and Android apps and some of them are also built for cross platform development.

Innovi Mobile develops apps for iOS, Android and many more.

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