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Case Study: Marriott International

by Innovimobile Administrator on December 12, 2018

Client: Marriott International Timeline: 1 Year Project Size: $10,000 - $49,999 Review: 5.0 Stars Read the full Clutch review The Challenge Renaissance Hotels is part of the Marriott International family and was in need of a way to help guest discover local neighborhoods while traveling.  Renaissance Hotels wanted to give guests an opportunity to use their own mobile phones in order to access local recommendations from each hotel's on-property concierge.  The Solution To fulfill the request of Renaissance Hotels and Marriott International, we conceptualized what they called a "navigator app," for iOS and web which takes discoveries curated by on-property navigators and publishes them in real time, allowing guests to:

  • Find places to eat

  • Locate top-quality bars, wineries, or distilleries

  • Or simply spend unique time abroad

The Result InnoviMobile’s solution for Renaissance Hotels has generated many active downloads, resulting in enhanced experiences which continue to increase residence return rates.  Renaissance Hotels and the Marriott Group were professional and helped us understand their challenges in order to tackle them fully and in a timely manner.  Our entrepreneurial approach was well received, as were our cost-effectiveness and communication - all aspects we strive to maintain and grow. 

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