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Case Study: WCities

by Innovimobile Administrator on December 12, 2018

Client: WCities Timeline: 1 year Project Size: $10,000 - $49,999 Review: 5.0 Stars Read the full Clutch review The Challenge WCities is a location-based service company providing destination, events, and sports information for different providers around the world, and for different verticals, including OEMs [original equipment manufacturers], travel, and hospitality. WCities relied upon Android and iOS apps and needed expert developers without having to hire in-house.  The Solution Using 3 of our top developers, we were able to build their native iOS and Android apps in short order.  The Result InnoviMobile’s work led to positive responses, both from the press and from clients to whom they showcased the data applications. In their words, it was the best-case scenario for what they were looking to do. During development, we used project tracking tools for our work. They were prompt and dealt with anything that was brought forth. We were delighted to hear they felt we had good technical and communication skills, which are key for a successful project.

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