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Enterprise Apps vs. Consumer Apps

by Innovimobile Administrator on May 6, 2018

There is no surprise that mobile apps are a big use in today’s world. In fact, 2017 saw 197 billionapp downloads to peoples smart phones and devices.!

But here’s a fun secret, not all of those apps were for public download! Business apps are usually not available for the general public. So why are they designed? They are designed for businesses that make everyday work related tasks easier for employees and sometimes even their customers.

There are so many companies today that use downloadable apps from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Why are they different and what does it take to get a business app? Let’s find out below.

Business Apps

  • They are tailored for businesses only.

  • Access is usually restricted for the employees only, however in some cases customers/patients can also use the app.

  • The apps are made for one purpose and that is productivity to help run the business smoothly. The apps are simply designed.

  • User experience is important but the apps aren’t generally eye pleasing as it’s seen as an unnecessary cost.

  • Business apps are just a tool seen as accomplishing a task rather than good experience.

Consumer Apps

  • They are usually made for a specific target market, but anyone can use them.

  • They are designed for everyday use, most free but some paid.

  • You can find the apps in the Apple Store or Google Play Store

  • Usually can be downloaded by anyone in any country.

  • Great attention to detail.

  • Usually fun and pleasing in experience and design.

 The major difference between the two is pretty clear. Consumer apps can be created for a broad range of users and usage contexts in mind. Enterprise apps have very specific use cases and a narrow context. They both value design and the user experience, but, as far as aesthetics and embellishments are concerned enterprise apps are designed to complete tasks quickly and used in a business setting. While designing an app it isn’t just about colors, it’s also about making the users life easier, not more pretty.

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