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Apple Vs. Android

by Innovimobile Administrator on August 13, 2018

Apple App Store Vs. Google Play With Apple dominating the smartphone industry and Android not far behind, you’re probably questioning which would be better? Innovi Mobile breaks it down for you.

1.Ease For Developer


Since the App Store release, apple has only allowed top quality apps to pass. The user community might be pleased because they only get the best version of the app. It’s pretty much a nightmare for app developers who need to invest more of their time to reach apple standards.


Unlike Apple, apps found on the Android Play Store probably didn’t get rejected. In fact almost all apps have a low chance of being rejected to the Play Store. This gives app developers the chance to experiment with their idea. The only downfall to this is because everyone gets the chance to put their app on the store, there is a higher chance of bugs.

Yes Apple requires higher quality apps and Android has a wider variety of apps. But it all comes down to you, which do you prefer? Quantity or quality?

2. Visibility


It is important that your app reaches its intended audiences. Apple model usually provides you with a checklist so you can mention all major keywords. If someone finds it in the store, they would have to search for a specific type of keyword.  In the end, they would have to specifically search for keywords that you listed.


Google has a model where if someone searches a query for it, they will be matched with everything from the app, even down to the description.

In the end, Android provides you with better visibility options.

3. Product Information


They believe the saying “less is better”. Just some screenshots and a little bit of information you’re left to wonder what kind of features the app has. The only thing that helps are customer reviews.


The Play Store provides an overall depth of your app through the help of customer screenshots and videos. It keeps this information discreet but interesting enough so customers can still download the app. You also get certain information about how other users are finding the app, etc.

4. Revenue 


Every year, a developer has to pay $100 for every app they publish. Having superior apps also helps to justify the inflated price.


Google only charges a one time fee of $20, which gives people the freedom to publish as many apps as you’d like. The only downfall is the atmosphere isn’t that great.

So what it all comes down to is which ever you feel more comfortable using. Yes Apple is the leading phone for most people, but Android isn’t that far behind. So if you're all about money saving, Android might be the route you want to take. If you want to potentially reach more people, then you should you chose Apple.

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