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How to Get Investors for App

by Innovimobile Administrator on May 29, 2018

When you want to pitch your idea to an investor, you can never be too prepared! You want to feel confident in what you’re about to pitch,. Do your homework, after all you are about to walk walk into a room with potential investors! But don’t worry, we have some steps to help you out.


Always write down on paper what you’re going to say. Making a business plan on PowerPoint is going to be very useful. Usually you start with an introduction of yourself and your role at the company. Next, put them in the mindset of why they would be using an app. Create a mood board (if applicable). Explain the app, show visuals. Try recording yourself, this might sound silly at first but in the long run it will definitely help you. Remember to always sound natural!

Create a pitch deck

A pitch deck is a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint or Keynote used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. Keep this step about 10 slides or less. Add facts that back up your app idea so investors know what they’re spending their money on and how much they will get in return.

Website & Domain

Make sure you have your own custom website and domain, it puts you in the right direction to getting your foot in the door! It looks much more professional if you reply to an email with Luckily today it is very easy to make a website as we have many options which will cost you about $100 or less.


Having a logo that matches up to your app is everything. We remember them. We can see the Target, Walmart FedEx and instantly know what company that belongs to. You want your app to have a personal identity.


Remember to bring with you a blueprint or a prototype of your app with you to the presentation so potential investors can actually see what the app is. After all, you’re going to want to show off all your hard work! Even if the app still has some way to go, it is better to bring that in over nothing. Having these materials can help you acquire an accurate budget estimate from app developers. Follow these steps and you should be on the right path to getting meetings with investors! It doesn’t stop here however. You will still have a lot of work after the meeting. Innovi Mobile is here to help make the perfect app for your enterprise.

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