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How To Design An Eye Catching Icon

by Innovimobile Administrator on June 2, 2018

It is very important to put yourself in the users shoes while thinking about this step! If the user sees a below average icon the chances of them not even downloading it are very high. Having an eye catching icon could be the difference between no downloads and thousands.

We download apps because we have the information right at our fingertips. Seriously, there is an app for everything! How great is that feeling when we find an app that can make our everyday life a little bit easier?

Below are some tips to consider when designing your next app icon.

  • Avoid a mediocre design

  • Be creative

  • Choose the right colors

  • Stand out

  • Keep the user in mind

  • Don’t sweat your competitors

Always remember good designs will always drive consumers towards a product which in the end, will result in downloads. Follow these steps, and your icon will be a shining star! As always, Innovi Mobile is here to help you and your team create the next best app!

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