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Case Study: Medifit

by Innovimobile Administrator on December 12, 2018

Client: Medifit Timeline: 2 Weeks Project Size: Less than $10,000 Review: 5.0 Stars Read the full Clutch review The Challenge Medifit is a corporate fitness center management company that had no in-house mobile experience and wanted to build an app quickly on a low budget. They wanted the app to automatically log people into the fitness center when they walked past a Bluetooth beacon. They already had the Bluetooth beacon and backend system and wanted to quickly turn out an MVP to get more interest in the technology for funding the real product afterwards. The Solution Medifit drew out the requirements to show us what they wanted to develop and what they would hook into on the backend. We developed the app for iOS. We didn’t just deliver a proof of concept; we actually delivered a working model hooked into their production software with one programmer and one two weeks.  The low energy Bluetooth beacon technology had just come out. This was before the Apple iBeacon. There was a learning curve for our team and we had to understand a particular SDK for the Bluetooth technology Medifit had chosen. It wasn’t a matter of taking it off the shelf and coding it; it was a matter of learning what it was and then applying it to the solution. We guaranteed we would deliver and they were easy to work with. We delivered a high-quality app, on time, while maintaining constant communication. The Result InnoviMobile’s work was, in their words, 100% perfect. They gave us the drawing they had created and simply told us they wanted us to create something that looked like what was drawn.  They asked us to talk every 2-3 days to show what we'd done and that’s exactly what we did. We were told what features they wanted to make a great app and "nailed every single one of them."

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