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Facts About Mobile Apps You Didn’t Know

by Megan Leider on July 6, 2018

Mobile apps have taken over our world in the recent years. From a business perspective, mobile app development is becoming popular to keep up with our customers needs. Not only do we personally use them on a daily basis, businesses also use the to interact with customers and to keep up with the current market.

  1. Tablet sales are expected to match computer sales. No surprise here. Tablets are like our mini computers! We take them on the go. Less and less people are owning personal computers.

  2. Mobile apps are used more than websites. Need to google something or check your bank account? Download the Google App or your banks app. People typically spend about 87% of their time using some form of mobile app.

  3. Mobile Apps can be launched on almost any platform. The most popular choice was iOS and Android coming in second.

  4. Android is the most bought operating system in the world.

  5. Advertising is the most popular source of income for apps. Revenue is expected to reach $16.9 billion this year!

  6. 63% of millennials prefer to make purchases on mobile apps. About 21% say they would delete the app if they had a poor experience and 31% wouldn’t recommend the business to others.

  7. There are around 5 billion apps to download worldwide! 2.2 million on the Google Play store and 2 million in the Apple App Store.

60% of the Apple Store Apps have never been downloaded. And after 72 hours more than half of the apps are deleted.

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