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Case Study: Medical Communications Agency

by Innovimobile Administrator on December 12, 2018

Client: A medical communications agency Timeline: 1 year Project Size: $200,000 Review: 5.0 stars Read the full Clutch review

The Challenge

The agency needed to rebuild their hybrid app. It was created by another company and not dynamic enough to handle the upgrades for iOS.

The Solution

We recommended that the agency build a native iOS app for the client. We used the LAMP stack to make it and made continuous enhancements in phase 2. We assigned 2-3 UI/UX specialists to design the app and then had three developers build it into production.

The Results

The client's internal team was extremely impressed by the difference between the old and new app, as it had a lot of features the old version did not.  Our clients love the new app and are excited to roll it out to their team.

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