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How Much Should You Spend On App Marketing?

by Innovimobile Administrator on June 9, 2018

If you’re looking for a magic number, there isn’t one and there isn’t many ways to calculate how much you should spend. Luckily today, marketing for companies comes very easy because we have so many different options. Facebook Advertising has become a very cost effective way to target your exact audience alongside Twitter and LinkedIn. There are also other ways to market your new app like direct mail flyers, newspaper, TV and radio ads. The drawback to this? Not many people get the paper or listen to the radio or even watch TV because we just fast forward through commercials! At the end of the day it all depends who you are targeting.  Facebook advertising appeals more towards the younger generation where maybe a newspaper ad appeals to the older generation (we love old school!)

You can also look at running ads through an app. Most people download a free app but in order to “level up” or to move on, they have to watch an ad. According to Fiksu, one can expect to spend $200k in advertising expenses. This budget is on the high end but it’s important to research which marketing strategy works best for you.

Why is digital marketing important for a successful app? 

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