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How To Create An App That Goes Viral

by Innovimobile Administrator on August 3, 2018

Did you know there are around 5 million apps that can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play store? This number may seem intimidating because 4 out of 5 users who download an app usually don’t use it 72 hours after. No need to sweat though. We’re going to tell you creative ways for you to create a viral app!

Keeping It Old School

A viral flow usually starts when a user creates something and then they share it. It leads friends to discover the app and they eventually download it. This approach is the most obvious way to offer social interaction. By using Facebook, Twitter, email and even messaging you can reach a lot of people. As easy as this seems, it isn’t always the best option. You are limited to only sharing it to your friends. If you really want to go viral, you have to engage with your users. Each time your audience uses the app, they should build on the previous experience and as the audience grows, the value of your app should go up.

It takes time for your customer to try the app and share it with their friends. The goal? They need to invite their friends in the shortest amount of time possible. But how do they achieve that? Follow these steps below.

Make It Effortless

Apps that are successful are the ones that have thought everything through. For example, their design fades into the background. You need to be completely absorbed in doing something that you love! This is what makes the user spend hours on end using your app. It’s like why you spent the whole night looking on Pinterest.. (yes we know some of you may do that) Remove obstacles on your app and include things like

  1. One click log in through Facebook or Twitter.

  2. Display profile pictures.

  3. Motivate users on the first screen to get started.

  4. Prioritize what is on the screen and show top actions in plain sight.

Give users the options to post easily to multiple platforms with one tap. Make sure sharing is part of the creation process.


And reward often! Who doesn’t love them? We do something good and we should get rewarded, it is something that we were taught since we were little. Offer your users extra points, coins or whatever works with your app each time they get a user to sign up. Not only do they get a gift, but your app also gets out there and it gets into the hands of new people. Inviting friends should be apart of their daily usage. Don’t forget to reward the friend too. Some rewards could be:

-Free Themes

-Free Upgrade


(you get the picture)


Be upfront with what your app is sharing. People love their privacy so be sure to lay out all parties. If users don’t trust the app or they suddenly see content appear on social networks that they don’t want to be shared, you have a problem. They will leave negative reviews on the app store causing potential users to not download it. The app you create should tell users upfront what kind of information they will be using and where it can be shared. Users should also have the option on what they want to share. Make sure this part is labeled clear as day. Keep Pulling Them Back In The more people who use your app, the longer you will stick around which turns into customers saying good things about you! Try sending your users notifications that will motivate them to return. Send tips to encourage them to use your app. You can send daily reminders, but some users may opt out of that option. Don’t be too annoying and pushy as that might steer users away. Be Useful The app you create needs to benefit your users, even without the social aspect! Give people the chance to kick around the app. Most people won’t invite others to join the app if they themselves don’t enjoy it. Let them try it out a couple of times. Your app needs something meaningful for them to share it. Make it have that WOW factor! Your app isn’t going to become viral overnight, it’s going to take some time. Once your app is starting to get downloads, check your analytics. It’s nice to see who’s downloading your app so you can start targeting them yourself.

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