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How To Respond To Good & Bad Reviews on the App Store

by Megan Leider on July 2, 2018

When it comes to app reviews there is mixed feedback that are left by users. Great reviews by customers can help your business tremendously and bad reviews can stop potential customers from downloading your app. We now have the ability to respond to app reviews and developers should think carefully on how to respond to them.

Not all feedback will be good. This can be both a positive and negative impact on your business. Of course having a good review is great, it shows that your product is awesome and people are enjoying it which will likely draw in new customers. Negative feedback is mixed. You can take it as professional criticism and fix some things people had mentioned. It can also impact the amount of people who download the app.

Developers need to learn what to say. Customer service is very crucial. Here are the do’s and don’ts

  1. Remember to communicate effectively. Avoid getting defensive when you get a negative comment. Yes, you’re always going to have that person who is just plain rude. Use the feedback so you can improve what is wrong. Keep in mind you are also the face of your company.

  2. Try to not let negative comments linger and try to respond to customers within 24 hours. If they have a question try to respond a little bit quicker. Apple lets you turn on notifications when someone leaves you a review.

  3. Don’t promote something else when a customer asks a question. Stick to the topic and we can assure you, the customer will be happy!

  4. As your responding to customers, make sure you let them know that you are going to take action. If you have a Facebook page for your app, make a status update for those who  may be experiencing the same issue but don’t leave a comment, know of the changes that will be made.

If you follow these tips, you can be assured you’ll have a happy customer base.

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