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Mobile App Strategies That Still Work

by Innovimobile Administrator on June 23, 2018

Mobile app strategies that worked back in the day probably won’t work the same in todays time. Today, publishers need a new list of mobile app strategies. Apps that focus on user experience are going to do better vs. apps that don’t focus on user experience. Find out our top strategies for 2018!

  1. Target Your Ads

The best way to grow traffic toward your app early on is to continue to run ads on the app store. The goal of this is to draw in new users that will enjoy the app and stick with it, not people who will download the app and delete it a few days later. Remember to track your app so you can ensure the right people are using it.

  1. Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO)  is almost like Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! It’s basically the process where you adjust your app store listing to rank higher in the results. There are some ways you can adjust your ASO, like making sure you have relevant keywords in your description and title.

  1. Engage Right Away

Don’t wait to engage! User engagement is the core of your app. Actively engaging with users is one of the most effective mobile app strategies. A great way to do this is using automated onboarding campaigns. This can send scheduled push notifications, emails and more to reach your users.

Follow these three tips and you can be sure that your app will become popular in no time! Always remember, Innovi Mobile is here to help you create your next app.

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