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Mobile Apps to Complement an Awesome Father’s Day

by Innovimobile Administrator on June 14, 2018

In addition to whatever gift you have for your old man, (you do have one, right?), why not also give him a mobile app that will make his day-to-day life a little easier or more fun? It seems that there’s an app for everything now and yet they are still being made, giving you a cornucopia of choice. Think hard about what your dad likes, what he does every day, and what obstacles he faces. 

Entertainment Apps

Is your Dad passionate about his sports? Does he enjoy evening at the opera? There are apps to help him (or you) easily arrange and buy tickets for anticipated events he’d love to see in person.

Get your bookworm Dad an e-book reader app that has every feature he could want, such as a night mode, text search, annotation, and a function that allows him to jump between pages, chapters, bookmarks. While you’re at it, help him expand his e-library by adding a couple of e-books. Of course, if your Dad’s an old-schooler where books are concerned, we respect that.

There are many music apps to choose from, with a few allowing your Dad to create some cool tunes. He’ll be able to listen to all of his favourite musicians and albums, and if you get a really good app, he’ll be able to listen ad-free. There are also radio station apps if he prefers to listen to his favourite radio anchors doing real-time interviews. 

Beer Apps

Do you have a beer enthusiast for a father? You’re in luck, because there are beer apps that provide easy tracking of the beers he’s tried, ones he wants to try, and your Dad will be able to follow his friends and see the brands and flavours they’re trying. As an added bonus, some beer apps will allow you Dad to be notified of nearby venues and events catering to his beer interests.

Game Apps

Is your Dad fascinated with virtual reality? There are apps that allow you to immerse yourself in new worlds without hurting your wallet. And you don’t have to worry about wearing extra gear like real virtual reality. The Unity platform has revolutionized the game-player experience for your Dad’s enjoyment.

If your Dad is a golf nut? Then, get him an app with GPS that helps him up his game by seeing the course, the distance, and any obstacles he’ll need to avoid. He’ll even be able to track his shots. Your Dad won’t even have to pay any registration or subscriptions fees.

Grilling Apps

Whether you’re Dad’s a grill master or still needs some lessons, get him a grilling app so he can improve his skills while trying new recipes. He’ll be able to master steak, lamb, sausage, and chicken, as well as expertly apply all those marinades. What’s more is that you and the rest of the family will benefit from his gourmet cooking!

Shopping Apps

Is you Dad hard to buy for? We understand, and best of all, there are apps that allow you to browse a large selection of merchandise and big-name brands so you can pick something out together that your Dad’s sure to love (and use!). 

Remember that Father’s Day is not just about your Dad; it’s also a day to celebrate all dads, like your grandfather, brother, colleagues, and clients.

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