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What To Look For In Your Analytics

by Innovimobile Administrator on June 11, 2018

Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. (for those of you who don’t know). As you begin marketing your app, analytics will become your best friend! This tool can literally tell you everything you need to know about the campaign you are running. You can see demographics, age ranges, how many clicks, how long people were on your website and much more!


You won't see this just yet. After you set up your tracking, you can begin to see this in about 6 months or so. Basically, it’s all about patterns!


Getting enough traffic to your website is very important. If you’re not getting enough traffic to your website, then something is wrong and you need to reevaluate your website. If you are getting a lot of website traffic, information will start populating so you can see where people are going on your website.  


Where is everyone coming from? It’s important to know this. Are you running an ad? Are people just googling your business. It’s important to understand where your traffic, leads and customers comes from. They can come anywhere from backlinks, paid ads, organic search and paid search. From there you can see if they are coming from your social media sites. Are they coming from a blog post? There a ton of areas these leads can be coming from and you want to make sure you pinpoint it exactly.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors that go to your website and leave before visiting any other page on your site. Many things can influence this such as, they aren’t finding the content they’re looking for. You want a low bounce rate, not a high. A high bounce rate means people are leaving your website very quickly.


Engagements are forms of likes, comments, shares, follows and much more. You want high engagement on your page. You want your customers interacting with your posts and it is always important for you to engage back! Producing more content will only get you more engagement. You want to make sure you’re posting relevant content so your customers can relate to it even more. You can also try to post shareable content like trending news, that way people can share and new customers can see your page!

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